Courses Offerd

Two-year Higher Secondary Courses in Arts, Science and Commerce.
Three-year Degree Course (Arts) – General &
Three-year Degree Course (Science) – General &
Three-year Degree Course (Commerce) – General &
E. Self-Financed Courses in Computer :1)
Basic Office Automation Course: (1month)
Introduction to MS Word: Working with Documents, Formatting Documents, Setting Page style, Creating Tables, Tools, Printing Documents and Mail Merge.Introduction to MS Excel: Working with MS Excel, Entering & Deleting Data, Setting Formula, Formatting Spreadsheets, Sorting, Filtering, Validation, Consolidation, and Subtotal. Drawing Charts, Printing Spreadsheets, Using Tools.
Introduction to MS Power Point: Introduction to presentation – Opening new presentation, Different presentation templates, Setting backgrounds, Selecting presentation layouts. Creating & Formatting a presentation, Adding Effects to the Presentation.

        2)    Basic Hardware Networking Course: (2 Months)
Introduction to Operating Systems (OS), Installation and troubleshooting of Win7/Win8 and Linux, Installation of drivers, assembling of various components of CPU. Introduction to LAN, Implementation and goals of LAN, Network configuration and setup, File and Internet sharing, installing printers on a network.
programmes 1
Statistics is not allowed without Mathematics.
Statistics-Geology combination is not allowed.
It is desirable that students intending to offer Physics/Chemistry as elective subjects offer Mathematics also as one of the elective subjects.
Additional Subject will not be allowed to those who have secured less than 40% marks on aggregate in HSLC or equivalent exam.
A student can offer four subjects as his / her combination, but the subject in which he / she secures lowest marks in the Final Examination would be treated as his / her 4th subject and no marks of it would be credited to better his / her results.
It is advisable that all those who intend to pursue the H.S. Course in commerce offer Economics as one of their optional subjects in their own future interest.
Basic Computer Course is compulsory for all H.S. 1st Year Students. Course Contents : Fundamentals of Computer, MS-Windows, MS-office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), MS DOS, Internet and Web Page Designing.
Students of HS-1st year will have to study Environmental Education as a compulsory subject.


programmes 2

1) A-1st and 2nd Semester.

i) English is compulsory for students of BA/B.Sc. (Major/General Course). But, students having Major in English will have to take Different English paper in lieu of General En- glish.

ii) There is no MIL/Alt. Eng. for B.Sc. students.

iii) For BA Major/General Course, a student shall have to choose two subjects (at least one subject must be Non-Language) in addition to MIL/Alt. Eng. Out of two, one subject may be taken as Major subject. Then other subject will be considered as 1st subsidiary subject and MIL/Alt. Eng. is taken as 2nd subsidiary subject. Again, in case of General Course, the two subjects (other than MIL/Alt. Eng.) will be considered as 1st Elective and 2nd Elective subject

iv) In case of MIL/Alt. Eng. (2nd subsidiary subject) for BA Course, a student with Language Major shall have to choose a Non-language or Language subject other than the subject he/she is majoring. For example, English Major will have to take other than Alt. Eng./ Elective English and Assamese Major will have to take other than Assamese (MIL).

v) Students offering Major Course in B.Sc. will have to offer other two Elective (subsidiary) subjects.

B-3rd and 4th Semester (B.Sc)

For 3rd and 4th Semester of B.Sc. Course (General), a student will have to offer three Elective (subsidiary) subjects (with or without practical) each of which carries 100 marks. Environmental Studies is a compulsory subject in this


C-5th and 6th Semester (B.Sc)

For 5th and 6th Semester of B.Sc. Course (General), a student will have to offer two Elective (subsidiary) subjects (with or without practical).

2)    A student opting for Major in any one of the subjects in B.Sc. 1st Year shall have to select one group of elective subjects from the following chart :

programmes 3
3)  For B.Sc. General Course, students may choose any one of the following groups of combination.
Physics, Mathematics & Chemistry
Physics, Mathematics & Geology
Physics, Mathematics & Computer Science
Physics, Mathematics & Statistics
Mathematics, Chemistry & Statistics
Mathematics, Chemistry & Geology
Mathematics, Chemistry & Computer Science
Botany,  Chemistry & Zoology
Botany,  Chemistry & Geology
Zoology, Chemistry & Geology
Economics, Statistics & Mathematics

programmes 4
programmes 5
programmes 6
(i) Students will have to study ‘Environmental Studies’ as a compulsory subject in TDC Second Year in all the three streams – Arts, Science & Commerce.
(ii) There is a provision for allocation of marks for internal assessment in every paper. The details of the course structures & contents will be intimated to the students in the classes by the teachers concerned.
Medium of instruction for the courses offered in the college shall be English except for MIL and Advanced Languages.