From The View of Principal

  There is no denying the maxim that education is the backbone of a nation. Indeed, education is knowledge and knowledge is power. For Building a strong society or a strong nation it is imperative that all the sections of the society irrespective of caste, creed and complexion are amply educated. The maladies afflicting modern society consequent upon illiteracy beggars description. Therefore along with all the educative purposes relating to the objectives of a college, Lumding College was established to provide the opportunity of higher education to those who intend to pursue higher studies in this remote corner of the country. The main objective of the college is to impart quality education so that our students become welf-esta6fished in their life and contribute to the growth and development of the nation as its able citizens.
 During these  years the   college has grown spectacularly despite all impediments. It offers various   programmes of study at both Higher Secondary and Degree levels. We sincerely hope that those interested in pursuing higher education would be benefited by these programmes and will be able to secure a respectable position in the society. The college is equipped with a sincere and dedicated faculty, good infrastructure and the basic facilities needed for imparting quality education. We can without hesitation assure that the college deserves to be acclaimed as one of the best institutions of higher education in the state.
 We heartily congratulate and welcome the learners who are seeking admission to various programmes of the college.
Dr. Mrinal Kanti Paul
Lumding College, Lumding
Nagaon , Assam, India