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College Uniform For Students

For Male

Shirt Light Sky Blue
Trousers Black
Tie Black
Belt Black
Shoes Black
Sweater in winter Navy Blue

For Female

Salwar White
Kamiz Light Sky Blue
Churni White
Sari White with Light Sky Blue border
Blouse Light Sky Blue
Mekhla White
Chaddar & Blouse Light Sky Blue
Sweater in winter Navy Blue

Note :-

i) No addition or alteration in Dress code will be allowed.
ii) For male students, black jeans instead of black trousers is not allowed.
iii) For female students, kamiz (Full sleeve or hafl sleeve) must be of knee-length. Leggings is not allowed .


1.    An admission to the college carries with it the presumptions that students will conduct themselves as responsible members of the Academic Community. Every student should behave with discipline and must reflect a sense of responsibility within and outside the college campus. Academic misconduct as well as behavioural misconduct is strictly prohibited and any student indulging in the same shall face strict disciplinary action.

2.    Each student must abide by all the rules and regulations prescribed by the College Authority from time to time.

3.    Ragging is strictly prohibited and any student found indulging in ragging in any form, directly or indirectly will be liable to strict disciplinary action.

4.    Student without Uniform and Identity Card will not be allowed to attend classes. Student should wear the Identity Card round the neck while on the campus.

5.    Student must not loiter and talk loudly in the corridor while the classes are on.

6.    Regular attendance in classes is strictly compulsory. A student having attendance less than the requisite percentage as laid down by Gauhati University in any subject will not be sent up for the final Exam. or will be declared non-collegiate as the case may be.

7.    Change of subjects in case of HS 1st Year and TDC 1st Year classes will not be allowed after 15 days from the commencement of regular classes.

8.    The use of mobile phone by the students inside the college campus is strictly prohibited. Violation of the rule will attract disciplinary action.

9.    Students residing in hostel must abide by the rules and regulations of the hostel.


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