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Academic :-The following students have achieved unique academic excellence in the respective examinations specified-

1. Smt.Lata Kumari H.S(Commerce) 4th 2001
2. Sri Basudev Chaterjee H.S(Commerce) 5th 2004
3. Sri Abhisek Raha H.S(Science) 4th 2006
4. Sri Abhisek Aich H.S(Commerce) 10th 2009
5. Sri Pankaj Agarwal B.Com 1st Class 1st 2011  
6. Sri Souvik Das Gupta B.Sc. 1st Class 1st 2012  
7. Sri Saikat Bhattacharjee H.S.(Sc)   2008 Awarded gold medal for securing 100% marks in Mathematics
8. Smt. Beauty Dutta H.S.(Sc)   2003 Secured record mark in Geology (90%)
9. Smt. Tania Paul H.S.(Sc)   2004 Secured highest mark in Geology (82%)
10. Sri Hrik Dey H.S.(Sc)   2011 Highest Mark in geology (80%)
11. Rupak Dey H.S.(Sc)   2012 Highest Mark in geology (87%)

Further, the following table shows the satisfactory performance of students in terms of grade point in the TDC Final Examination of the G.U.

1. Dipika Parbo Science 9.4 2014
2. Jayeeta Mukherjee Science 9.4 2014
3. Hrik Dey Science 9.1 2014
4. Priyanka Deb Roy Arts 9.3 2015

Besides, as an indication of the trend of consistently good results of the college, it is to be mentioned here that 6 students secured grade point 8 in Arts, 10 students got 8 points in Science and 1 student got 8 point in Commerce in the TDC Final Examination, 2014.

Also 7 students secured grade point 8 in Arts, 10 students got 8 point in Science and 7 students got 8 point in Commerce in the TDC Final Examination, 2015.

Sports :
The College became champion in Inter College Cricket Tournament held in Hojai in 2007 and the college became the runners up in the Inter College Football Tournament held in Nagaon in 2011.

Besides, the following reflects upon the spectacular achievement of the college in various athletic events.

Events : Arm Wrestling 2015 Organised by IIT, Guwahati :-
Below 70 K.g. : Below 60 K.g. :
Suman Dey - 1st Shiva Nag - 1st
Sanjoy Baruah - 2nd

Event : Arm Wrestling 2016 Organised by IIT, Guwahati :-
Below 70 K.g. : Below 80 K.g.:
Sanjoy Baruah - 1st Abhijit Bardhan - 1st
Suman Dey - 2nd

On the whole, Sanjoy Baruah stood Champion of Champions.

Others : The college team stood second best in the Inter College Quiz Competition based on Gandhian philosophy held on October, 2013 in Nagaon College. The college team also won 1st prize in Inter College Quiz Competition 2015, organised by the Election Commission of India through the SDO office, Shankardevnagar at Hojai College.


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